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Plum Ramune Review

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After really learning what Ramune was from this video (which, watch that and watch that guy’s other videos. Trust me), I felt I had to give it a try, and when I found this unique drink in plum flavor (I love plums, and I don’t think I’ve ever reviewed a plum drink before), I knew it was time.

Straight from Japan, courtesy of Sangaria U.S.A., it’s Ramune!

Opening the drink is a touch tricky (it takes just the right amount of force, and thelunger is easily dislodged), but now that I’ve accomplished it (as illustrated above), let’s see how it is.

Sweet, fruity smell–not distinctly plummy, but pleasant.

Tastes like plum, though. Quite like plum even, allowing for the artificiality of soda.

Not wild about the blue outer cap; it presumably keeps the marble in, but it makes it difficult to take a large drink at any given time.

It also makes it little harder to get a real sense of the taste (it requires more suction to drink), but so far it’s agreeable.

Now I’m getting more of the fizz, which is fine in of itself, but it obscures the flavor, which again is quite similar to the real thing. It tastes more like a flavored sparkling water than a soda, which I don’t object to.

Finished (it actually comes in fairly small quantities–6.76 fluid ounces instead of the 12 I’m used to). Not bad. The limited quantity is a little frustrating–and I’m not sure the marble is much more than a cute gimmick–but it’s certainly a must-try for all soda fans.

There’s a wide variety of flavors available, so even if plum isn’t your thing, there’s no reason you shouldn’t give Ramune a try.


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