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Jic Jac Black Cherry Soda Review

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Good news! A soda shop is opening up nearer to where I live, which should–God willing–allow for a steadier stream of reviews. I actually have several sodas on hand from my latest trip, but first let’s do a soda I’ve had sitting around for a while–Jic Jac Black Cherry. I think I opted for this particular drink because my trip to the soda store had yielded few results, and having never tried any Jic Jac sodas, I figured I might at least knock another brand off the list. So let’s see what we’ve got! Smells like cherry, all right. Like artificial cherry. Kind of like a Luden’s. I’m afraid this will be flat… It is, a little, but not ruinously so. It doesn’t stint on the cherry flavor–and it manages to be intense without being cloyingly heavy. I think the carbonation counters that well enough. It’s just short of being too much, though. I’m sure at full carbonation it’s better, but as is, you can tell this would be pretty bad if it went totally flat. Still, it’s not too bad. As a big cherry fan (God, how I wish I could try Cherries n’ Mint soda), it’s hard to complain too much. As for the Jic Jac brand, the Orca Beverages website tells us it began in St. Louis and was a major regional brand in the 50s. It’s now owned by Orca, who produces a wide array of retro sodas (including the great Green River and Moxie). Although I’d recommend both of those other sodas over this one, I’m glad it’s still around for me to try. I can’t imagine it’s markedly different from the vast majority of cherry sodas, but if you’re a completist or can get it readily, by all means, give it a shot.


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