Cannes 2015 Breakdown

It’s time. Time to see what’s going down on the Croisette this year. Time to see what might the big names going into awards season. Time to talk about Cannes, which is kicking off in two weeks’ time.

ROAR Review – ***

For much of Roar, my jaw was dropped, not for the level of technical accomplishment on display, but for the mind-boggling irresponsibility that went into its creation, the fruits of which have been widely touted by Drafthouse: the big cats which comprise most of the cast were completely unharmed¹ during the lengthy production, but almost every…

Conflating My Nominees

For my 2014 Film Awards, I opted to split the major categories into Drama and Musical/Comedy. However, I’ve been considering what I would do had I stuck to the model I had used in previous years, and separated from the heat from awards season, I think I can whittle down my expanded nominees and produce…

Plum Ramune Review

After really learning what Ramune was from this video (which, watch that and watch that guy’s other videos. Trust me), I felt I had to give it a try, and when I found this unique drink in plum flavor (I love plums, and I don’t think I’ve ever reviewed a plum drink before), I knew it was time….

Jic Jac Black Cherry Soda Review

Good news! A soda shop is opening up nearer to where I live, which should–God willing–allow for a steadier stream of reviews. I actually have several sodas on hand from my latest trip, but first let’s do a soda I’ve had sitting around for a while–Jic Jac Black Cherry. I think I opted for this…