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Dr. Brown’s Cel-Ray Soda Review

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A legit deli classic–“Jewish champagne” it was dubbed, once upon a time–and since I just got my hands on a couple of cans, I thought the time was ripe for a review.

That is a celery soda may make it an anomaly, but in terms of quality, it is no mere gimmick.

This isn’t my first time with Cel-Ray. I’m all too happy to go back to it. That should tell you something.

Rich celery smell. Celery is hit-and-miss with me; it’s great raw with something to dip it in, but when used in cooking, the results are variable. Here, though, it’s sweeter than regular celery (duh) and, simply, quite unique.

In terms of taste, it’s quite like a ginger ale; it has the same sharp bite, the same crispness–and the taste is very similar to a dry ginger ale. And on that score, it’s a good one.

It’s just this side of syrupy, but instead is balanced out by the sharpness of the celery. It’s really quite a fine drink.

As this is a moment of reunion rather than discovery, I find myself having less to say, other than I’m enjoying the hell out of this. It’s really a delightful beverage.

I can only you that it’s an absolute must for any soda connoisseur. Probably one of my 10 favorite sodas of all time (I need to do that list someday).


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