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Records Are Shattered

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February, 2015 will go down in Gravy history as a moment of triumph. The statistics alone tell an impressive tale:

  • The best month: 3,771 views; the previous best was November 2014, which saw 1,736 views.
  • The best week: The week of Feb. 16-22 saw 1,765 views; this week alone would have made this our best-ever month.
  • The best day: Feb. 15th, my father’s birthday, saw 644 views from 438 visitors. The previous best day was in November, shortly after I published my review of Interstellar; that day saw 173 views.
  • The most-viewed post: The page where visitors could vote for my 4th Annual Film Awards, a page which is now defunct, saw 1,313 views this month–nearly three times more than any post to date. And The Voters Speak!, which displays the results, has seen 796 views to date, and I’m sure that number will only continue to grow.

Again I must thank Arnaud Trouvé (CineCharlie) and Brontis Jodorowsky for their considerable part in making this such a successful month. And again I thank my friend Maggie for impelling me to do the blog, and my father for nurturing my love of cinema in the first place (the music begins to play me off) and of course, all of you who came to visit. I hope you’ll be back.


One thought on “Records Are Shattered

  1. You’re very much welcome!

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