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My 4th Annual Film Awards: The Voters Speak!


Alejandro Jodorowsky, where have you been all my life?

I asked, and you answered.

A week ago, this little poll of mine positively exploded in popularity after I spread the word on social media, which led Arnaud Trouvé (aka CineCharlie) to inform none other than Brontis Jodorowsky that he was up for my award! Not only that, but Sr. Jodorowsky proceeded to share the poll on his Facebook–both in English AND Spanish–leading to a massive influx of votes, many from Chile, the result of which was the best day this blog has ever seen–beating my previous best day by nearly 4 to 1.

Sr. Jodorowsky’s graciousness in doing so is a gesture I will not soon forget. And I want to thank everyone who voted–this has been a success beyond anything I could have imagined. I can only hope those who made their first visit will become regular viewers.

And now, your choices.

Best Picture – Drama: Interstellar

Best Picture – Musical/Comedy: The Dance of Reality

Best Director – Drama: Christopher Nolan, Interstellar

Best Director – Musical/Comedy: Alejandro Jodorowsky, The Dance of Reality

Best Actor – Drama: Jake Gyllenhaal, Nightcrawler

Best Actor – Musical/Comedy: Brontis Jodorowsky, The Dance of Reality

Best Actress – Drama: Charlotte Gainsbourg, Nymphomaniac

Best Actress – Musical/Comedy: Teyonah Parris, Dear White People

Best Supporting Actor – Drama: Neil Patrick Harris, Gone Girl

Best Supporting Actor – Musical/Comedy: Edward Norton, Birdman

Best Supporting Actress – Drama: Uma Thurman, Nymphomaniac

Best Supporting Actress – Musical/Comedy: Pamela Flores, The Dance of Reality

Best Original Screenplay – Drama: Nymphomaniac

Best Original Screenplay – Musical/Comedy: The Grand Budapest Hotel

Best Adapted Screenplay – Drama: Gone Girl

Best Adapted Screenplay – Musical/Comedy: The Dance of Reality

Best Cinematography: Birdman

Best Editing: Birdman

Best Production Design: The Grand Budapest Hotel

Best Costume Design: The Dance of Reality

Best Makeup: The Dance of Reality

Best Score: Interstellar

Best Song: “Everything is Awesome”, The Lego Movie

Best Sound Mixing: Birdman

Best Visual Effects: Interstellar

Best Sound Effects: Interstellar


7 awards: The Dance of Reality

5 awards: Interstellar

4 awards: Birdman

3 awards: Nymphomaniac

2 awards: Gone Girl, The Grand Budapest Hotel

1 award: Dear White People, The Lego Movie, Nightcrawler

And now, I’m going to break the results down by category.

You’ll notice that for some categories I said a certain number of votes were ineligible. That was in regard to certain write-in votes whose answers were either inapplicable or illegible. That only accounted for 14 votes out of 4,627 cast (an average of 178 votes per category, not too shabby), but it was a factor in my decision not to do write-ins in the future.

Write-ins accounted for only 86 votes in total–less than 2% of the total–and did not change the outcome in any category. Instead, I will invite voters to put their alternate choices in the comments section.

A final note. Many write-in votes wrote-in for a film in the wrong category (a Musical/Comedy in the Drama category, etc.) and others wrote-in for a nominee in the category they were nominated in. In the case of the former, I counted the write-in votes towards the total of the category they were written in, and in the case of the latter, I naturally simply added them to the total of the relevant nominee.



Picture – Drama: 161 votes, 4 ineligible

  • Interstellar: 42 votes
  • Nymphomaniac, 36 votes
  • Nightcrawler, 15 votes
  • Selma, 14 votes
    • (The Dance of Reality), 14 votes
  • Gone Girl, 13 votes
  • A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night, 5 votes
  • Calvary, 4 votes
    • Snowpiercer, 4 votes
  • Locke, 2 votes
    • A Most Violent Year, 2 votes
  • (Boyhood), 1 vote
    • (Ida), 1 vote
    • (Tangerines), 1 vote
    • (The Grand Budapest Hotel), 1 vote
    • (Birdman), 1 vote

Pretty close race between Interstellar and Nymphomaniac. Note that The Dance of Reality got quite a few votes here, though not enough to upset.

dance of reality jaime and sara

Picture – Musical/Comedy: 384 votes

  • The Dance of Reality, 315 votes
  • Birdman, 28 votes
  • The Grand Budapest Hotel, 17 votes
  • Whiplash, 12 votes (one write-in)
  • Guardians of the Galaxy, 5 votes
  • Dear White People, 2 votes
    • Frank, 2 votes
    • Inherent Vice, 2 votes
  • Force Majeure, 1 vote
  • Goodbye to Language 3D, 0 votes

Dance wins in a landslide, of course.

Director – Drama: 121 votes, 2 ineligible

  • Christopher Nolan, 51 votes
  • David Fincher, 28 votes
  • Ava DuVernay, 21 votes
  • Bong Joon-ho, 7 votes
  • (Alejandro Jodorowsky), 5 votes
  • Ana Lily Amirpour, 4 votes
  • (Richard Linklater), 2 votes
  • (Paul Thomas Anderson), 1 vote

Nolan takes this pretty handily. Fincher and DuVernay got their votes, but even combined Nolan topped them. I’m a bit surprised Linklater only got 2 write-ins.

Director – Musical/Comedy: 403 votes

  • Alejandro Jodorowsky, 349 votes (2 write-ins)
  • Alejandro González Iñárritu, 35 votes
  • Paul Thomas Anderson, 6 votes
    • Damien Chazelle, 6 votes
    • Justin SImien, 6  votes
  • (Wes Anderson), 1 vote

Jodorowsky crushes the competition.

He's happy. I think. Maybe "satisfied" is more like it.

Actor – Drama: 111 votes, 2 ineligible

  • Jake Gyllenhaal, 46 votes
  • David Oyelowo, 23 votes
  • Tom Hardy, 13 votes
  • Oscar Isaac, 11 votes
  • Brendan Gleeson, 9 votes
  • (Brontis Jodorowsky), 6 votes
  • (Eddie Redmayne), 1 vote

Although Gyllenhaal wins by a decent margin, the results are nicely spread across the nominees (and Brontis Jodorowsky gets some attention as well).

brontis jodorowsky

Actor – Musical/Comedy: 447 votes, 2 ineligible

  • Brontis Jodorowsky, 400 votes (2 write-ins)
  • Michael Keaton, 36 votes
  • Joaquin Phoenix, 5 votes
  • (Ralph Fiennes), 2 votes
  • Johannes Kuhnke, 1 vote
  • Chadwick Boseman, 0 votes

The most votes cast in any category, and the man responsible for so many of the votes wins with 89% of the vote. Not that I’m complaining–he was incredible. It’s a shame Chadwick Boseman got no votes, though.


Actress – Drama: 130 votes, 1 ineligible

  • Charlotte Gainsbourg, 58 votes
  • Rosamund Pike, 40 votes
  • Agata Trzebuchowska, 20 votes
  • Gugu Mbatha-Raw, 5 votes
  • Essie Davis, 4 votes
  • (Reese Witherspoon), 1 vote
  • (Pamela Flores), 1 vote

Gainsbourg wins, but Pike is pretty close behind (and Trzebuchowska didn’t do too badly either).


Actress – Musical/Comedy: 77 votes

  • Teyonah Parris, 18 votes
  • Tessa Thompson, 16 votes
  • Lisa Loven Kongsli, 14 votes
    • Gugu Mbatha-Raw, 14 votes
  • Carla Juri, 11 votes
  • (Pamela Flores), 4 votes

Only 77 votes, the least of any category. I don’t like that. I do like, however, that the results are so evenly spread. It leads me to conclude this was a pretty good category. A bit surprised Parris beat Thompson, but not unpleasantly so.


Supporting Actor – Drama: 108 votes

  • Neil Patrick Harris, 29 votes
  • Mark Ruffalo, 27 votes
    • Stellan Skarsgård, 27 votes
  • Jamie Bell, 16 votes
  • Noah Wiseman, 5 votes
  • (J.K. Simmons), 3 votes
  • (Ethan Hawke), 1 vote

The top three are virtually tied–I think all of them led the voting at one time or another (in fact, Ruffalo was in the lead just a day or two ago). I am surprised Wiseman got so few votes, but more surprised that, despite getting several write-ins, Simmons didn’t win the category he was nominated for.


Supporting Actor – Musical/Comedy: 110 votes

  • Edward Norton, 57 votes
  • J.K. Simmons, 24 votes
  • Michael Fassbender, 11 votes
  • Randall Park, 10 votes
  • Josh Brolin, 8 votes

Norton wins by a surprisingly large margin. I’m really sad Brolin didn’t get more votes, though.

Supporting Actress – Drama: 112 votes

  • Uma Thurman, 53 votes
  • Tilda Swinton, 22 votes
  • Kim Dickens, 21 votes
  • Carmen Ejogo, 11 votes
  • Sarah Gadon, 3 votes
  • (Patricia Arquette), 1 vote
    • (Emma Stone), 1 vote

I’ve already said that Thurman didn’t impress me quite so much on rewatch, but she won handily (no one wrote-in Stacy Martin?). Swinton was a solid second place, though.

dance of reality sara

Supporting Actress – Musical/Comedy: 398 votes

  • Pamela Flores, 358 votes
  • Emma Stone, 28 votes
  • Katherine Waterston, 5 votes
  • Minnie Driver, 3 votes
    • Mélanie Thierry, 3 votes
  • (Julianne Moore (for Maps to the Stars)), 1 vote

The magical Pamela Flores wins with almost 90% of the vote (a full 90%, in fact, if I factor in the write-ins she got in other categories).

Original Screenplay – Drama: 103 votes

  • Nymphomaniac, 55 votes
  • Nightcrawler, 22 votes
  • A Most Violent Year, 8 votes
  • Calvary, 7 votes
    • Locke, 7 votes
  • (The Dance of Reality), 2 votes
  • (Stranger by the Lake), 1 vote
    • (The Grand Budapest Hotel), 1 vote

It’s Lars.

Original Screenplay – Musical/Comedy: 135 votes, 1 ineligible

  • The Grand Budapest Hotel, 61 votes
  • Birdman, 57 votes
  • Frank, 9 votes
  • Dear White People, 5 votes
  • Force Majeure, 1 vote
    • (The Dance of Reality), 1 vote

For a while, this was actually a tie. Too bad my pick for the best screenplay of the year only got 5 votes, but that’s life.

Adapted Screenplay – Drama: 93 votes

  • Gone Girl, 52 votes
  • Snowpiercer, 14 votes
  • Edge of Tomorrow, 12 votes
  • Enemy, 9 votes
  • The Congress, 5 votes
  • (Captain America: The Winter Soldier), 1 vote

It was really the only choice.

Adapted Screenplay – Musical/Comedy: 296 votes

  • The Dance of Reality, 261 votes
  • Guardians of the Galaxy, 22 votes
  • Inherent Vice, 9 votes
  • 22 Jump Street, 4 votes
  • Wetlands, 0 votes

Likewise. (Wetlands got no votes. Ouch.)

Cinematography: 114 votes

  • Birdman, 75 votes
  • Under the Skin, 20 votes
  • Dear White People, 6 votes
    • A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night, 6 votes
  • Goodbye to Language 3D, 3 votes
  • (The Dance of Reality), 1 vote
    • (Gone Girl), 1 vote
    • (The Grand Budapest Hotel), 1 vote
    • (Interstellar), 1 vote

Under the Skin had its advocates, but I think everyone is in agreement as to what the best cinematography of the year was.

Editing: 121 votes

  • Birdman, 51 votes
  • Nymphomaniac, 33 votes
  • Whiplash, 19 votes
  • Gone Girl, 14 votes
  • Goodbye to Language 3D, 3 votes
  • (The Grand Budapest Hotel), 1 vote

Overlooked by the Oscars, Birdman takes it here (though Nymphomaniac made a solid showing).

Production Design: 119 votes

  • The Grand Budapest Hotel, 69 votes
  • Interstellar, 37 notes
  • Snowpiercer, 5 votes
  • Inherent Vice, 4 votes
    • Space Station 76, 4 votes

In a word: duh.

Costume Design: 278 votes

  • The Dance of Reality, 237 votes
  • The Grand Budapest Hotel, 33 votes
  • The Immigrant, 3 votes
    • Inherent Vice, 3 votes
  • Space Station 76, 2 votes

It makes sense.

Makeup: 288 votes, 1 ineligible

  • The Dance of Reality, 252 votes
  • Guardians of the Galaxy, 23 votes
  • Snowpiercer, 7 votes
  • The Raid 2, 3 votes
  • Tusk, 2 votes

I have to disagree with this, though. Dance had great makeup, but Guardians was impeccable.

Score: 97 votes

  • Interstellar, 34 votes
  • Gone Girl, 22 votes
  • Under the Skin, 17 votes
  • The Imitation Game, 11 votes
    • The Zero Theorem, 11 votes
  • (Birdman), 1 vote
    • (The Theory of Everything), 1 vote

Again, the results are nicely spread out. That the best score won is…gravy.

Song: 91 votes

  • “Everything is Awesome”, 31 votes
  • “Glory”, 27 votes
  • “I Love You All”, 17 votes
  • “Too Many Cooks”, 9 votes
  • “America For Me”, 7 votes

A pretty close race between the two Oscar frontrunners, but everyone got some attention.

Sound Mixing: 111 votes

  • Birdman, 42 votes
  • Whiplash, 32 votes
  • Interstellar, 29 votes
  • Get On Up, 5 votes
  • Goodbye to Language 3D, 3 votes

Given the results of the next two races, I’m assuming there were those who agreed with the complaints about Interstellar‘s sound mix (I do not).

Visual Effects: 111 votes

  • Interstellar, 48 votes
  • Guardians of the Galaxy, 29 votes
  • Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, 21 votes
  • Godzilla, 7 votes
  • Edge of Tomorrow, 6 votes

This seems about right.

Sound Effects: 108 votes, 1 ineligible

  • Interstellar, 48 votes
  • Whiplash, 35 votes
  • Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, 15 votes
  • Force Majeure, 6 votes
  • Goodbye to Language 3D, 3 votes


I’ll be putting up an Oscar predictions post later this afternoon, an Oscar response post after the fact, and then…well, we’ll just have to see.


7 thoughts on “My 4th Annual Film Awards: The Voters Speak!

  1. Thank you to Jamie Piedmont and to all the voters. Even if a competition among artists is somehow absurd, I’m very moved by your choice. I played this character with all my heart. It fills me with joy that it reached yours. Soon I will be back in Daniel Castro’s “Las tinieblas / The darkness” (that we are shooting now) and in “The dance of reality” sequel, “Poesía sin fin / Endless poetry” (shooting in July and August). I hope you will like those too!
    Brontis Jodorowsky

    • You say you played this character with all your heart–I can certainly tell. The journey of Jaime (a nice coincidence, eh?) was a fascinating and fantastical one, and it was your performance that pulled it off. I’m very excited to see Las Tinieblas and especially Poesia sin fin.

      And lastly…you’re very welcome.

  2. Congratulations Mr Jodorowsky. It was a fearless performance, and I’m glad it got recognized. Can’t wait to see your upcoming projects. Thank you James for those polls and your nominations. Thanks to all the artists and reviewers who build bridges all over the world.
    Cheers from France
    Arnaud (@cinecharlie)

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