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Jersey-Creme Review

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IMG_0522-0Time for a soda review!

Between my not getting to the soda shop nearly as often, and the dwindling number of sodas I haven’t tried (that I want to try, that is–I could spend weeks just reviewing random orange sodas, but to hell with that), I’m sorry to say these reviews are going to stay a once-in-a-while thing. But I had a couple of sodas sitting in my fridge that needed analyzing. And that brings us to today’s subject, from Mukilteo, Washington: Jersey-Creme!

Strong vanilla extract scent. Like cream soda and bubble gum.

Tastes like a cream soda, all right. It first hits you with a bit of that gum flavor–kind of like Inca Kola–and then the creaminess kicks in.

Maybe it’s the flavors of my lunch interfering with my taste buds, but I almost detect a bit of a banana flavor as well. It’s very strange.

Yeah, I’m not totally sure what they were going for here. It’s agreeably creamy, but it’s got that weird undertaste that makes it just a little…I hesitate to say “off-putting”, but it’s hard to embrace.

The label is pretty boastful. “Better Than Fantastic.” “Treat Your Taste Buds”. Not quite, guys.

And it’s apparently triple-filtered–and contains no dairy of any kind. I didn’t really think it did.

And right in the middle…”The PERFECT Drink.” I wouldn’t go that far.

It isn’t bad. I’ve gotten farther down and the weird undertaste is less present and it’s just a decent cream soda. I’ll actually say the last third of the drink is pretty nice. Maybe it just needed to warm up a little.

That reminds me, I still need to try hot Dr. Pepper. I’ll expound if I ever get around to doing it.


Not too bad, especially nearer to the end. As cream sodas go it’s not the best by any means, but it’s one of those sodas you can put away without issue. So if you can get your hands on it, it’s certainly worth a try.


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