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How I’m Doing My Awards


Last year I took a set of longlists for my various categories and wrote a series of articles where I whittled those lists down to a perfect set of nominees. My plan, initially, was to do that again this year.

I am not doing that this year.

The reasons are :

1. I’d rather drop all my nominations at once rather than spool it out over two weeks. Plus, now there’s an element of surprise!
2. Because I kept rankings for all my categories this year, deciding what to nominate is much easier. The hardest part at this point is catching up on the films I haven’t yet seen.
3. I can put my nominations up much earlier, which is optimal for several reasons.
4. It’ll save me a shit-ton of writing.

My plan is this: I will post my nominations at 12 noon CST on February 8th, and at 6 pm CST that evening I will open the polls.

That’s right folks, we’re having open voting this year. You can vote my ballot or write in your own choices. By posting the nominations a week earlier, that doubles the voting period, and I hope for a healthy turnout.

(I’m also having my wisdom teeth pulled on the 16th, and having the nominations off my plate a week sooner is, I think, advantageous.)

The polls will close at 11:59 PM CST on February 21st. I will announce my winners at 12 noon on February 22nd, and the reader’s choice awards at 2 PM that same day.

And that evening…the 87th Academy Awards.

Let’s get ready to rumble.


4 thoughts on “How I’m Doing My Awards

  1. Hah! My wisdom teeth for fine!

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