BAFTA Nominations: Let’s Get Ready to Rumble

The BAFTAs are a fairly solid Oscar prognosticator. There were a couple of surprises this year (including one nomination which would have sent my drink out of my nose had I one), but on the whole, I think it’s becoming fairly clear what will be nominated. Seriously, though, that one nomination…what the fuck.

BIG EYES Review – ***

Tim Burton’s recent track record has been uneven. Although Alice in Wonderland was his biggest hit to date, it met with mixed reviews at best, and 2012’s Dark Shadows was a critical dud and financial letdown (though I think it’s better than its reputation suggests), while the utterly delightful Frankenweenie, despite good reviews (and an Oscar nomination), saw only modest returns….

NSFC and Friends: Hordes of Awards

I always love it when an awards group does something crazy-awesome. And the National Society of Film Critics did something crazy awesome. Crazy, crazy awesome.

UNBROKEN Review – ***

To see the mixed-to-negative critical response to Unbroken is to be reminded that expectations are brutal, and in less than two weeks, we’ll see if we’re reminded that the lure of Oscar-bait transcends even bad reviews. On the surface, Unbroken would seem to be a sure bet, telling the story of an authentic American legend who was an…

INTO THE WOODS Review – ***½

I confess, my history with Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine’s fairy-tale musical has been a checkered one. I saw it…oh, probably around 10 years ago, and thoroughly enjoyed the first act while being put off by the second act. I saw it again about two years ago, and thought about the same. I understand what…


The Battle of Five Armies is a suitable finish to a trilogy which had no business being a trilogy. It’s kind of a mess, kind of boring, occasionally spectacular, possibly offensive, and ultimately forgettable. If it is less absurd than the first film in the series (and then, not by much), it lacks that film’s cozy tedium….