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Cockta Review

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This lovely Slovenian soda was briefly available to me via a store specializing in Russian and eastern European foods. Then, for quite some time, I was unable to get ahold of it. I have recently found a motherlode.

Cockta, ladies and gentlemen.

Sort of a cherry-vanilla aroma.

Sort of a cherry-vanilla taste.

Now, I’d remembered Cockta as tasting kind of like un/minimally-carbonated cherry Dr. Pepper. But what I’m getting here seems to be different.

There’s more of a cola flavor here than I recall. Perhaps my memory is imperfect (believe it or not). It’s still a nice soda.

It’s got just a hint of that vague bitter “elixir” flavor (like Moxie), but on the whole it’s a smooth drink, not too sweet (it uses cane sugar), and decidedly refreshing.

So, low-carbonation Cherry Coke, but less sweet. In of itself, that doesn’t sound too thrilling. But Cockta is, taken as its own entity, a crisp little beverage, one I do not hesitate to recommend if you can find it.




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