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Touching Base – Hello, New Visitors!

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Melancholia wants to give you a hug. (Source)

Well, thanks in large part to my review of Interstellar (and thanks is due to CineCharlie for sharing that on Twitter), If You Want the Gravy… has experienced a surge in traffic these last few days, and those of you visiting the blog for the first time…welcome.

Anyway, I’ve got a hefty review backlog and am not unoccupied in my life outside of this blog, so here’s a little schedule of how things will ideally go down this week:

  • Birdman review (tonight (11/10) or tomorrow (11/11) morning);
  • Fury/John Wick/Stretch/Men, Women & Children joint review (11/11, either afternoon or evening);
  • Big Hero 6 review (11/12)
  • The Skeleton Twins review (11/12?)
  • Overview of the European Film Awards (tonight (11/10)–it’ll take me like 20 minutes)

That’s what we’re likely to get this week. I might see Laggies this week, I might not. This weekend has some big stuff, namely Foxcatcher, but I might not get to see that on the 14th. Either way, I’ll be due for a break soon, I’ll probably use Thanksgiving for that.

Still, this has been a damn good year. 13 **** films to date, while 2013 at this point had 7 (and ended up with only 11 overall). My film awards are going to be interesting this year.


One thought on “Touching Base – Hello, New Visitors!

  1. You’re very much welcome 😉

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