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Well, you’ve probably already seen this trailer, so let me just say: yeah, it looks pretty good. More directorial flair than the first Avengers (the shot of the ballerinas; the shot of the gurney wheel), a more interesting antagonist (because James Spader is a beast), and overall seemingly higher stakes. It’s a given I’ll see this, so…I might as well look forward to it.

This, on the other hand, you probably haven’t seen, which is a shame, because this looks pretty awesome. I’m not the only one to get an Upstream Color vibe from it, but it seems to have a tone of its own (more like a cross between UC and Mood Indigo), some gorgeous cinematography, potentially dazzling editing…and an interesting lead couple in Justin Long (whom I’m warming up to) and Emmy Rossum (who…we’ll see how she does). Add in the good reviews this has gotten to date, and I’m sold.

I’ve seen this trailer several times in theaters, so it’s not quite news to me, but I’ve loved Chris Rock for at least a decade, and after some rather fallow years (What To Expect When You’re Expecting, anyone?), he seems to be back with his entry in the semi-autobiography sweepstakes. It looks hysterical (Cedric the Entertainer’s cameo especially), but it also looks to be thoughtful and emotionally rewarding, it appears to give Rosario Dawson a good role (it’s a disgrace how few she’s gotten), and it’s been critically praised so far. This is easily one of my most anticipated December releases, and I’d love if this got some awards buzz.

“Stylish” is the word. An Iranian vampire film, shot in glorious (and I do mean glorious) black-and-white, with spaghetti-western influences. Oh, and again, it’s gotten good reviews. This is one of those films I really hope comes somewhere near me.

I thought Rush was a great and underappreciated film, and it seems to me Ron Howard and Chris Hemsworth may have outdone it. The story of the whaling ship Essex (the inspiration for Moby-Dick) is rich material for a movie, and this looks to have some really striking, old-fashioned cinematography on top of its plunge into a heart of darkness. I’m really excited for this one, and hope the March release date isn’t a bad sign.

Not sure when this is actually coming out. I think it’s getting an awards-qualifying run in December and going wide in January. Now, Wahlberg’s been a little hit-and-miss with me lately, but I could definitely see myself enjoying this. Of course, John Goodman’s a big part of that, but still, this could be some good darkly-comic-thriller fun. Awards bait, it isn’t (though it has a hell of a cast), but I’d be happy if it were a surprise contender.

This is one of those films I really hope can actually pull off what it’s trying to do. Because it could end up being a pretentious mess (indie sci-fi is a crapshoot), but it’s got a really good cast, the trailer looks solid, and the special effects are pretty damn good from what I’m seeing. So I’ll keep an eye out for it.

Can you say “failed Oscar bait”? Given the prestigious source material and the cast (I am glad Matthias Schoenaerts is getting work that people will actually see), and the fact that this doesn’t have a release date, I’m guessing something got lost in the translation or they felt the awards season was too crowded and decided not to bother. It’s apparently coming out in the UK in January, which could mean a qualifying run here in December, or it just comes out sometime early next year and is quickly forgotten. I’m thinking the latter.


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