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Rummy Review

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For a long time, I wanted little to do with grapefruit. I found it far too tart for my unrefined palate. Having since become quite fond of grapefruit juice, it seemed meet that I should try a grapefruit soda. From the Excel Bottling Company (whose work I’ve tried before), it’s Rummy, the inexplicably named grapefruit soda!

First taste and I’m definitely getting a sense of Fresca. Which is fine, since Fresca is quite good.

It’s got a definite tartness, but it’s also got a slightly chalky taste to it, like Sweet Tarts.

It’s not as tart as grapefruit generally is–it doesn’t feel like it’s washing out the system in the same way–but it’s quite drinkable.

I’m belching, so this couldn’t have gone too flat.

I gotta say, I’m not sure why they went with the Comic Sans lettering on here. The grapefruit-pink name-field is fine, though.

And points for the green glass. Green glass is cool.

Yeah, this just isn’t that memorable of a soda. It’s fine, but unless you’re a cane sugar purist, just stick with Fresca.

“Glycerol ester of wood rosin”? What?

“Brominated vegetable oil”? That isn’t a thing, is it?

Finished. Get chummy with Rummy? Not really, I’m afraid.


One thought on “Rummy Review

  1. Glad you liked it! We sell Rummy for those in the U.S. who have trouble finding it locally: https://www.specialtysodas.com/rummy-grapefruit-soda-p-983

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