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…You've got to get the biscuits!

Flying Cauldron Butterscotch Beer Review



I keep on forgetting this technically isn’t a Harry Potter product. I must have seen this on the shelf a hundred times before I finally bought a bottle.

It’s actually made by Reed’s. Of Ginger Brew fame. Huh.

It smells like butterscotch, all right. For a piece of candy, that’s fine. But for a soda? Well…let’s see.

Not…bad. Not great, per se, but I got it down.

Yeah, this might not be fun. It tastes kind of like a very sweet cream soda.

Oh, the neck label says “100% Natural Butterscotch Cream Soda”. Well.

Yeah, I can drink it all right, it’s just…the flavor of butterscotch doesn’t really lend itself to the soda treatment. It’s a “food” flavor, and the process of making it cold and fizzy kind of takes away from what makes butterscotch palatable in the first place.

You’ve got the creamy taste, but with that cold fizzy undertone, so it feels…I don’t know, not right. Almost watered down. Or spiked. (There’s got to be some cheap, shitty butterscotch schnapps out there.)

Oh, and the aftertaste is not fun. You get all the fizziness in your throat when you belch, so it feels kind of like you’re about to throw up.

Oh goody, there’s stevia in this. On top of the fucking cane sugar. I don’t even know, I guess to approximate the butterscotch taste?

It’s just drinkable enough to where I’ll finish it, but I’m not enjoying it. I’m sure I’ve done something to deserve this.

This really does taste like it should be alcoholic. But instead of getting the taste of alcohol, you get the taste of fizzy sweet bile.

Ugh. “A Magical Brew”, it says. Magical my ass.

At least it’s only 30 grams of sugar. I feel vaguely less bad about myself.

Almost done. There was I reason I’d never tried this before. Now I know why.

Oh, that last swallow tasted bad. A parting shot, no doubt.

Not recommended.


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