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Designer: LaBoca ()

Designer: LaBoca (Source)

My God, this poster is amazing. 80s retro, bold colors (including orange, my favorite), crisp graphic design…this is the sort of poster so good that, if I wasn’t starting this series, I’d want to see the film just so I could highlight this poster. As it is, it sounds like an interesting documentary. So I might see it. But it probably won’t be as awesome as this poster.

Design: Concept Arts ()

Design: Concept Arts (Source)

I’ve already mentioned how much I want to see the film. But this poster doesn’t hurt a bit. I think it’s the soft texture of the image that makes it work. It doesn’t look too cartoony or like it’s trying too hard. Can’t wait for this one.

Designer: Kaz Oomori ()

Designer: Kaz Oomori (Source)

I’m so ready for this film. And this poster is just what I like: bold, sharp images, bright colors, a distinct style…it makes the film look bright and fun and flashy, all the things I hope it will be.

Design: Drew Struzan (!) ()

Design: Drew Struzan (!) (Source)

On the other hand, there’s this. Not that this is so much a bad poster, though Struzan’s seen better days (though, honestly, I think he’s a bit overrated), but because it just adds to the overwhelming weirdness of this film. It looks like a 90s romcom-drama. Especially that silly little heart. This looks like a page from a yearbook or something. And instead it’s some weird film about a earth-shaking book with about as bizarre a cast as I’ve ever seen. I don’t even know.

Design: WORKS ADV ()

Design: WORKS ADV (Source)

Not the greatest poster ever, but a decent teaser poster for a film that, I think, looks pretty good (I’ll highlight it in my next Trailer Salad). The unearthly giant whale beneath the tiny, fragile Essex gets the point thoroughly across.

Design: N/A ()

Design: N/A (Source)

I’m not all that interested in the film, but I dig this poster. Any poster that has an element of the handcrafted gets points from me, but it’s the great 70s-retro lettering (especially on the title) that sells me. It’s totally like the cover of Portnoy’s Complaint (which might be the point, actually, given the Philip connection).

Design: cold open ()

Design: cold open (Source)

I’m not sure what it is about this poster. Maybe it’s the use of color, which I like, or maybe it’s the fact that it feels like a bit of a throwback to the posters these sorts of films would get 10-15 years ago. I don’t know, but I like it. It makes the film look friendly and inviting. And since it’s actually been getting decent reviews, I might give it a shot.

Design: N/A ()

Design: N/A (Source)

Again, a touch of the handcrafted. I always appreciate that. And it gives off a welcoming, lighthearted feel, which makes me want to see the film even more than I already do. (And I already do.)


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