Fentimans Cherrytree Cola Review


I had this once, several years ago, but as I faintly recall, it was enjoyable, and so why not make it my next subject? (I’d review Surge, but I’m not about to order a whole case of a soda I don’t even have any nostalgia for.) After all, it’s not every day you have a cherry cola with fermented ginger root extract in it.

The bouquet is classic cherry cola…with an undertone of spice. Most likely the ginger.

Oh, that’s nice. That’s very nice.

Strong cherry flavor with a mild tang underneath. Good, good.

I take that back, a little. It’s a tough flavor to describe. It’s several different flavors, which have combined into something rather difficult to identify. There’s definitely cherry there, and I can feel some of the zing of the ginger, but the cola flavor is fairly subtle.

Yeah, the cola is there, but it’s kind of a supporting player. This is a cherry-ginger soda first (the label calls it a “fermented botanical cherry drink”), and a cola second. It’s also quite nice–though I’ve consumed a great deal of it just trying to figure out what the hell it tastes like.

Very refreshing. I’d definitely drink this more often (World Market tends to carry Fentimans sodas, so I might take advantage next time I’m there).

Sweet, but not cloying. A bit spicy, but certainly not overpowering. This is a damn good soda. Probably the best I’ve had since…Blenheim? Yeah, that sounds about right.

I also really like the label on this one. It’s just a nice little bit of Googie retro.

Very highly recommended. Probably the cream of the Fentimans crop.


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