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Fizzy Lizzy Yakima Grape Review

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Fizzy Lizzy has been pretty good to me before, and I haven’t had a grape drink in a while, so why not theirs? Artificial grape has always been one of my least favorite fake-fruit flavors (though if I come across cane-sugar Nugrape I’ll give it a shot), but this is fruit juice with seltzer, so…hopefully…

It smells like grape juice. That is, I suppose, a good sign.

First sip, I’m getting a lot of carbonation. The ratio of juice to seltzer here is 53 to 47, so the grape flavor may be a touch muted here. We’ll see.

Yeah, the fizz kind of cloaks the boldness of the grape. You get the grape flavor almost more as an aftertaste.

It’s a weird taste. Not unpalatable, but…it’s like if the carbonation was a black censor bar censoring the grape flavor. You get enough flavor to know what’s being masked, but that’s about it. Very strange.

100% of my daily Vitamin C, though. That’s good.

Looking at the other Fizzy Lizzy flavors…okay, I should try Raspberry Lemon. That sounds nice. Maybe Tangerine Passion Fruit if I get the chance. I almost want to say Raspberry Lemon was the first flavor I saw.

Also, Fizzy Lizzy is now owned by White Rock Beverages and no longer has its own site. That’s a shame.

But yeah, this drink. Not bad, but grape lovers can do better.

That said, Fizzy Lizzy tends to do good work, and I do recommend their Grapefruit flavor (if you like grapefruit).

Done. Now to move on to the new batch.


One thought on “Fizzy Lizzy Yakima Grape Review

  1. We carry all the Fizzy Lizzy flavors, so you might find one that you like better. There’s ones like Tangerine Passionfruit or Fuji Apple. 🙂 — http://www.SpecialtySodas.com

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