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Dog N Suds Root Beer Review

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Been a while since I’ve reviewed a root beer. And I’d seen this one on the shelf for quite some time, but for whatever reason (maybe it was the name), I wasn’t especially eager to try it. Plus, there’s only so many variations you can reasonably expect from root beer. So, let’s see if Dog N Suds (from the Clover Club Bottling Co. in Chicago) can make a case for itself.

Nicely rich scent.

Nicely smooth flavor, too. They were generous with the vanilla here.

It’s a good creamy root beer. Though…is just me or is there a vague metallic taste?

It was just me. God knows why it was me, though.

This is really quite pleasant. Like a lot of the other sodas I let sit for too long, it’s a bit on the flat side (I’m really going to try and not do that as much), but it’s a very palatable beer. Again, one root beer is really not that different from another (it’s the same concept behind my not trying more fruit sodas), but this is just fine.

Dog N Suds is actually a drive-in chain. They’re decently spread around the Midwest, mostly in Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan. I thought there was one near me, but it turned out to be a pet groomer. One of them has something called a Blue Goo milkshake. I’m intrigued.

Anyway, Dog N Suds is a perfectly solid root beer. It’s not something I’d recommend going out of your way to drink unless you’re a root beer fanatic, but it’s certainly good if you have it.


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