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It’s finally arrived. I can now only think of one more major trailer that has not yet arrived–that for Ava DuVernay’s Selma.

Now, what do I think of it? I think it looks fun. I’m getting a definite Big Lebowski vibe (which has been confirmed by a friend of mine who’s read the book), along with a hint of Fear and Loathing–and since I love both of those films, that is, I would say, a good thing. I will say I’m not sold on it being in my Best Picture lineup (not yet, at least), but I do think it’s got potential (from both the Academy and myself) for Adapted Screenplay, Supporting Actor (for Josh Brolin), and Costume Design recognition. And who knows, Joanna Newsom’s narration might earn her Supporting Actress consideration.

Really, though, I don’t know what to expect. Anderson’s trailers often feature footage that didn’t make the final cut (The Master especially), so who knows what we’ll really get? I’ll read the novel before I see the film, but even that might not prepare me for what Anderson’s going to do to it. He’s going from arguably his bleakest film to his funniest.

After getting excellent notices out of Cannes, Mommy quickly became one of my more anticipated films of the year. And this trailer, for the most part, justifies my interest. Certainly Anne Dorval looks to be giving a hell of a performance (this is going to be a tough year for Best Actress), and Antoine-Olivier Pilon appears to provide strong support. I eagerly await this one.

This British horror film has earned raves thus far, and this trailer looks pretty damn scary, so I see no reason not to anticipate it. I could see the kid getting a bit annoying, but Essie Davis (the mother) looks great.

This drama about a relationship which has thus far existed only on Skype could be a really solid character-driven thriller (the reviews suggest this is the case), but I could see it falling into misogynistic traps, however uninentionally (I’m interested to see what female critics will make of it). But the performances and cinematography appear very strong, so I may well give it a chance.

I’ve never been totally sold on Michael Mann (I think Heat is decidedly overrated), and this doesn’t especially change my view of a him as a fundamentally rather humorless director. Thanks to Cracked, I automatically red-flag any film about hackers (one of the reasons The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo works is because Larsson knew something about hacking), and this seems to be a pretty cliché view of the profession–the hacker as a handsome, slick man of action. Add in a fairly generic-sounding story and a rather dated view of technology (is this an early 2000s period piece?), and you’ve got a rather dubious prospect. I’d like to be proven wrong, but I’m not holding my breath.

Sticking with five this time. I mostly wanted to highlight the Inherent Vice trailer, but figured I’d highlight a few others while I’m at it.



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