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Cheerwine Review

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Who doesn’t like Cheerwine? Even Cheerwine knows how good it is–it says “Soft Drink Legend” right on the bottle! Now, it’s been a while since I’ve had it, so let’s see if I can’t bring some fresh perspective to a beloved soda. Ladies and gentlemen, courtesy of the Carolina Beverage Corporation, Cheerwine.

As I remembered: it’s kind of like Cherry Dr. Pepper. This, though, is made with real sugar. (The cherry flavoring is artificial, but what are you gonna do?)

Still fizzy, too. Good.

It’s less peppery and more cherryish, which, for what is, works just fine.

I almost want to say it’s got a bit of a cola undertone, but cola syrup isn’t one of the ingredients. Just the nature of the beast, I guess.

This is a good, refreshing drink. I won’t put in my top 10–I do like my pepper–but it’s most pleasurable to drink.

I wonder if the name is a play on words? Cheer-cherry? That information might be out there. Probably is.

“Despite its name, Cheerwine is not really a wine and contains no alcohol.” Thanks, Wikipedia.

Wait, there’s a Cheerwine cake? And Krispy Kreme had a super limited-edition Cheerwine donut? Goddamn. I want to try Cheerwine cake.

I can safely say this is about as good a purely cherry soda (as opposed to a cherry variant of an existing soda) as I can think of.

Finished. Very nice. Might not drink it again for a while, but I can see why it has such a fanbase.


One thought on “Cheerwine Review

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