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Red Rock Golden Ginger Ale Review



It’s been too long since I’ve done one of these reviews. Hopefully all the soda hasn’t gone flat yet. Today’s topic: another ginger ale! Golden, so it’s got that deeper, spicier flavor, like Vernors in its glory days. This is an old-time ale, too–dating back to 1885. Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, and boasting “Just The Right Bite!”, it’s Red Rock!

It’s got the ginger scent all right. No fizz, though. Fuck.

Okay, it’s got a little fizz. And this stuff…whew. It’s heavy. It’s not as much of gingerpocalypse as Blenheim, but, shall we say, it has a pair.

And it’s a very good flavor, too. It really does taste like how I remembered Vernors. Of course, this still uses real sugar.

It’s definitely got a spice to it, but whether from decreased carbonation or simply a milder recipe, it’s more drinkable than Blenheim.

Properly sweet, but not cloying (keeping it refrigerated for ages no doubt helped). This is how I like my ginger ale. Not that I don’t enjoy the more potent stuff, but this is a very happy medium.

There’s a little label on the neck urging me to “Enjoy Red Rock”, which is clearly their old logo. Well, old logo, I hope I didn’t let you down.


...or else.

…or else.

After so many ginger ales, it’s hard to think of a whole lot to say about this one except in comparison to others, but don’t consider that a negative. Red Rock holds its own in the ale arena, being a nice middle ground between the crispness of a dry ale and the overwhelming ginger sensation of Blenheim or Goya (which I need to re-review).

I’d still say it’s second on my all-time list to Bundaberg, and MAYBE third place behind Blenheim (it’s close), but either way, it’s a great drink, and one of the rare products that lives up to its slogan:

It really does have Just the Right Bite.


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