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Squamscot Yup Review

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The Squamscot brand has been around for over 150 years–says so right on the bottle. The slogan even boasts “‘Experience the Past…One Sip at a Time.'” Well, I tried one of their sodas previously (before I began reviewing them for this blog), but my memories are pretty dim, so why not make a fresh start with the intriguingly named “Yup”, a lemon soda which is going to, hopefully, fill the void that the absence of Foxon Park’s Gassosa (in non-diet form) has left. You’ve got big shoes to fill, Yup!

From Conner Bottling Works in Newfields, New Hampshire, it’s YUP!!!!

Fairly subtle lemony odor. Not to the Pine-Sol extreme. That’s good.

Just looking it at it, with its clear (or very near clear) color, I feel like the word for this should be “crisp”.

Well, not quite as crisp as I’d hoped (the ingredients list says “lightly carbonated water”, so it might not be a case of post-purchase flattening). But not bad.

It tastes…it tastes fairly authentic. For 38 grams of sugar, it’s not all that sweet. It’s not really sour, but it doesn’t feel, as my mom might say, gunked up.

I’m pretty sure this has lost a little fizz since I bought it. It’s pleasant, but I feel like I’m not getting it at full strength.

The lemon flavor is pretty subtle, all things considered. Like a less-sweet Sprite. Personally, I’d have liked a little more citrus “zing” to it, but it’s not bad at all.

Finished it easily enough. Not a soda I’d strongly recommend, but it’d do you well on a hot day.


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