If you want the gravy…

…You've got to get the biscuits!

Have you had Biscoff/Speculoos Spread?

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It’s made out of fucking cookies.

It’s like gingerbread met peanut butter and gave birth to the most delicious high-viscosity foodstuff imaginable.

It comes in Creamy (to die for) and Crunchy (to kill for).

Not literally, though. Unless there’s food in Heaven (and there probably isn’t), you can’t eat Biscoff there. And if you go to prison for murder, your odds of getting a steady supply of Biscoff are pretty low, unless you’re rich and powerful, in which case, you can just buy all you want.

But try it. On bread, on a spoon, in brownies (I made brownies with it–not bad at all)–I’m now contemplating how it would be in oatmeal–however you have to get in your mouth, do so.

Trader Joe’s has a variety of it; Wal-Mart carries it; World Market does too. More and more stores are. And you know?

Because it’s made out of fucking cookies.


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