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Jolt Cola Review – With “Before and After” Comparisons!

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Yes, they still make Jolt. I remember it being only intermittently available when I was younger, and when I was probably of middle-school age I eagerly obtained a bottle (the first furore of my obscure-soda fascination?) and drank it, only to find myself disappointingly unbuzzed. And then, when the soda shop opened up, they had variants of Jolt–Jolt Cherry, for instance–but not the original. Until now. From Wet Planet Beverages in Rochester, New York (I think), it’s JOLT!!!

Is this one going to be flat too?

Smells like any other cola.

No, still pretty fizzy.

Didn’t get much of  a taste there.

As for the flavor: it’s much less sweet than Coke or Pepsi. It says it uses sugar “AND/OR” high fructose corn syrup, so that explain some of it. It’s not bad, though.

It actually doesn’t taste totally unlike that “Little Richard” drink I’ve spoken of–the mixture of espresso and Mexican Coke.

There went my alarm clock. Yeah, I was going to be asleep until just now, but I have a big day planned, and I didn’t get a ton of sleep, so it seemed to me today would be a good day for Jolt. So today is a special TWO-PART article!

That’s right, I’m going to drink this Jolt, run some errands, and when I come home, I’ll report how the Jolt affected me, if it gave the “CAFFEINE OOMPH!” promised by the bottle and illustrated by a hilarious, totally scientific graph:


Yeah, it isn’t hugely flavorful–but you’re not drinking this for flavor, so much. You’re drinking it for the jolt. And keeping that in mind, it tastes fine.

I actually do kind of like its down-to-earth flavor. It isn’t going to make my teeth feel out of sorts like other colas (especially Pepsi) do. (Oh, and for the record, I’m firmly on Team Coca-Cola.)

I do also like how the logo and that little graph are the same as they were on that bottle I drank years ago (and I swear, I put the label for that in an old scrapbook which is still somewhere in my parents’ house). Jolt has character, I’ll definitely give it that.

Ah yes, I can definitely taste the citric acid.

Finished. Really not bad at all. Let the record show it is now 12:23 p.m. So, around 2:30 or when I get home, whichever comes first, I’ll report on whether or not Jolt lived up to its promise.

And I’m belching like a fiend. So very happy to see you again, carbonation.

Post-Script: Well, it’s been a bit of a hectic afternoon, but I have not felt my normal afternoon post-lunch slump, so I’m going to go ahead Jolt came through for me. Good job, Jolt!

Not that I was bouncing off the walls or anything, but I’ve been getting done what needs to get done, so I’m calling it a win.


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