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Sioux City Berry Berry Review



This stuff is blue. Like, Scrubbing Bubble toilet water blue. My previous experience with Sioux City soda was quite satisfactory, so let’s see if BERRY BERRY lives up to that standard.

Damn, this stuff is blue.

Good God, it even smells blue. Wondering how something can smell blue? Smell this stuff. You’ll know what I’m talking about.

Sweet. Very, very sweet.

Syrupy, even. Tastes kind of like snow-cone syrup.

And, like the other sodas I’ve had sitting around for a while, it seems to have lost a fair amount of its zing. That’s unfortunate.

But yeah, it’s sweet, a bit fizzy, and there’s a bit of an artificial berry flavor in there. Not much, but it is there. Again, this is basically syrup. I did just burp, though. That’s a good sign.

Too sweet for my taste, honestly. It’s got a little of the zing that the Prickly Pear had, but not enough to overcome the sweetness. It’s not undrinkable, mind you, far from it–but it’s nothing to write home about.

That’s a weird idiom. Would there ever be a soda that you would write home about, just to talk about how good it is?

Dear Mother and Father,


Just had a bottle of Sioux City Berry Berry soda, and let me tell you–I’m in love.


It’s blue like the Nebraska skies, sweet like the apples from our old orchard, and pure as the waters of the Niobrara.


Give old Rex a scratch behind the ear from me. I’m sure he’d love it, too.



Name withheld

And…that’s that.

It is what it is. And what it is is blue.

Not especially recommended–though you might get a fresher bottle than mine.


3 thoughts on “Sioux City Berry Berry Review

  1. Love the review! It has been awhile since I had this specific Sioux City soda, but you are not joking about the blueness being the epitome of blue! Keep up the great reviews!

    • Well, thank you. You know, the soda shop I frequented briefly had Sioux City’s Cherries n’ Mint, but once they sold out their stock, they told me it was quite hard to find outside of Kentucky (it was originally called Kentucky Nip). Have you ever tried it?

      • I have not!! I have often seen pictures of it, but never have I had it. It does sound very delicious! I have had their berry berry, root beer, cream soda, sarsaparilla, and prickly pear. Prickly pear is one of my favorite sodas of all time. Majority of my soda is obtained from World Market. I have however visited Galco’s while on vacation and that was a great experience!

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