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Bruce Cost Ginger Ale

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Fresh off a delightful experience with Blenheim Ginger Ale, I’m trying this, a ginger ale with chunks of real ginger in it! And only 66 calories! It’s not quite photogenic; there’s a lot of gingery sediment at the bottom one must shake up, and it’s rather cloudy having done so. But more importantly, is it good? Let’s find out, courtesy of NYC’s BCGA Concept Corporation!

Got a good gingery aroma. Tastes…very gingery. Not so much like a soda, though…more like an elixir. It’s gone a touch flat (I probably shook it up too much), but it’s still quite potent.

It uses monk fruit, which might partially account for the strange flavor. The bottle proclaims “Monk fruit is an ages-old Chinese medicinal and zero calorie sweetener.”

So this is basically a tonic I’m drinking, then?

It’s interesting. Again, I think it lost some of its fizz, but that’s less of an issue than the slightly “off” taste of it. Is it the monk fruit? I don’t know.

I can taste the ginger quite well. But there’s another taste, a sort of flatness, and that might be the monk fruit. I don’t know. I don’t love it, but I can see how one might take to it. And certainly the ginger is making itself known.

I’m a little dubious about the chunks at the bottom, though. I’ll play it by ear, but that could easily either be the best or the worst part of the drink.

Why don’t I live in a state that lets you return bottles for deposit? What the fuck is that about?

Okay, the chunks of ginger are…almost gelatinous? Uh…okay.

Yeah, I expected chunks, like fibrous bits of the kind of ginger you get with sushi. This…is not that.

This is weird.

Yeah…that was an odd drink. Not one of the better ones I’ve had. Not one of the worst, to be fair, but I would probably not drink it again.

This one you can leave to the ginger-ale completists.


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