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MacFuddy Pepper Elixir Review


There wasn’t much luck for this bottle, I fear.

Dr. Pepper has long been one of my favorite sodas–it’s easily my favorite of the “big” sodas–and so the idea of another pepper-style soda, which I have told is exceptionally peppery, appeals to me. And since the bottle claims “12 oz for 24 Hours of Favorable Outcomes”, how could I lose?! Without further ado, from Orca Beverage Soda Works in Mukilteo, Washington, it’s MacFuddy!

The smell is fairly indescribable. That’s good, I think.

Ok, this may have gone flat in the time since I purchased it. It tastes flat. I’m getting a lot of cherry at first.

Yeah, it tastes kind of like cherry Twizzlers. 

This has definitely gone flat. I am getting a bit of a peppery aftertaste, though, so that’s good.

“Extracts of dark cherry” is an ingredient. Shock.

“Cures Timidness and Satisfies the Daring.” Not as-is, I fear. 

I’ll definitely see if I can get my hands on another bottle. This is not doing MacFuddy justice.

I wonder if Orca Beverage makes any other sodas of note. It’s been a while since I’ve done that in a review, hasn’t it?

Seems like they do a lot of retro sodas and keep a lot of old brands going, like Jic Jac (I’ll have to try that) and Mr. Cola, which I need to re-review. So Orca does good.

Sorry I haven’t said more about this one, folks. It would appear the fizz had fizzled at some point. The fact that my bottle of Blenheim was still potent gives me hope about the other bottles I’ve still got on hand, but this tempers that hope. So we’ll just have to see.

I will try to drink this again at some point, whatever the case.


2 thoughts on “MacFuddy Pepper Elixir Review

  1. Bottle I bought in 6-2017 makes no mention of Cherry, Vanilla nor Pepper; though the flavors are still there.

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