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I currently don’t have an Internet connection, so I haven’t been able to post any detailed reviews, but here’s a rundown on what I’ve seen lately:

Lucy: Some incredible moments, a lot of fat, and it’s kind of racist. ScarJo is really good. 62/100 (**1/2)
Hercules: A lot of fun. Just pure badassery. And it takes itself just seriously enough that it doesn’t feel like junk. This really should’ve done better. 78/100 (***1/2)
Guardians of the Galaxy: Simply put, it’s the best Marvel film to date. 87/100 (****)
Boyhood: I have to see it a second time. I have very mixed feelings, though: it has moments of truth and beauty, but there are are a LOT of scenes that feel contrived and artificial. Very good performances, and it’s rarely if ever boring, but it really isn’t the unimpeachable masterpiece many have called it. The Tree of Life was much better. I’ll tentatively go 83/100 (***1/2)


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