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Maine Root Blueberry Soda Review

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It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I’d been waiting for Sioux City’s Cherries n’ Mint (aka Kentucky Nip) to become available again, but it has eluded me. So I decided to waste no more time and jump back into the soda world. After a fairly positive first experience with Maine Root soda, I decided to try what appeared to be their flagship product: their blueberry soda.

It’s got a very blueberry scent. I’m assuming we’re in for some authenticity.

Oh, that’s very nice.

It’s a bit on the syrupy side, but…that might be right. It suits the blueberry.

Tastes very much like blueberries. Almost more like a fruit juice than a soda, since the carbonation here is pretty mild.

Yeah, it’s pretty subtle, all things considered. Weird thought:

Is there such a thing as post-soda? You have post-modernism, post-punk, post-pretty much everything. Could you have a post-soda? Is that what this is?

I have no idea where that thought really came from. Might be the dumbest thing I’ve ever said. But something about this, about the way it’s less like a soda as we normally think of it (that is, a heightened, semi-artificial version of a natural flavor) and more like a sparkling fruit juice, while still adhering to certain soda conventions (carbonation, use of sugar and other flavorings)…is it a step beyond the traditional soda?

Or do I just need to go to bed?

Also, the color of this is really nice. Kind of like a very red grape juice. Blueberry juice. Which is what it kind of is.

This is really nice stuff. Definitely one of the better sodas I’ve had in a while.

I completely recommend this. Maybe it’s just that I’m glad to be doing this again. I love movies, but it’s nice to get away from them once in a while–I have two reviews coming in the next couple of days, and neither is an especial pleasure to write. These soda reviews combine my love of talking and my love of food and drink, and they’re always fun to write.

But yeah, try this. It’s great.


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