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Coca-Cola Thums Up Review

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“Bottle for beverage use only.” Screw that, I’m putting flowers in this.

After my disastrous encounter with sweet-corn flavored soda, I decided to promptly chill another bottle so as to get a proper soda review in. I went with a Coca-Cola product which is little known in America: Thums Up, an Indian cola founded independently in 1977 (so sayeth Wikipedia) and later acquired by Coke. Let’s see what we’ve got.

It’s got a standard cola bouquet, with a certain herbal undertone. And the taste?

It’s certainly unique. Sort of like Coke with…I can’t quite tell. Tamarind, perhaps?

Yeah, that’s about the best guess I can give. One might initially assume it was just an old or contaminated Coke, but that’s not the case. It’s an odd flavor. Takes a little getting used to (I maybe should’ve chilled this longer), but it’s not bad.

I dig the logo, too. It’s a cool bottle, sort of a standard Coke-bottle shape with squarer edges.

So this is a pretty decent soda. Not outstanding (though to be fair, I’m not a cola devotee), but certainly quite drinkable.

Not a whole lot to say about this one. It’s good, but it’s really not that different from Coke. I wonder if they changed the recipe. The undertaste really isn’t that pronounced after a while.

Finished. Pretty good. Apparently mixing it with rum is a popular drink in India. I’d try it.


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