If you want the gravy…

…You've got to get the biscuits!

Rocket Fizz “Lester’s Fixins” Sweet Corn Soda Review

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Damn you, Lester.

Oh, for fuck’s sake, Rocket Fizz.

This shit smells like creamed corn and looks like piss.

Why the fuck did I think this would be drinkable?

Bottoms up – and tell my mother I loved her.

Oh, God.

This tastes kind of like liquefied caramel corn.

Or like one of those puffed-corn cereals that’s been left sitting in the milk too long.

Oh, this is fucking bad.

Like…once your tastebuds recover from the initial shock, at first it’s passable.

Then the aftertaste hits.

This isn’t like liquefied food. It’s like masticated food that’s been spit back up and put in a bottle.

Fuck this.

I’m not even going to finish this. There’s literally no reason to.

This is absolutely disgusting. One of the worst sodas I’ve ever had. Even worse than Spruce Beer or Rocket Fizz’s Peanut Butter soda.

Into the sink it goes.

And good fucking riddance.

I have my limitations.

Don’t even bother. It’s absolutely repulsive.


One thought on “Rocket Fizz “Lester’s Fixins” Sweet Corn Soda Review

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