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Real Soda’s Pop Goes the Bubble Review

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As good as an outright bubblegum soda has any right to be.

Yay. Unlike Inca Kola, this bubblegum soda is trying to taste like bubblegum. And it’s from Real Soda, who…they’re weird. Their Lurch Birch was okay, but the fact that the evidence is inconclusive as to who or what they actually are…it’s a bit unsettling.

Still, I bought it, I’m gonna drink it.

I’ll give them this, they nailed the flavor. It tastes like Dubble Bubble, with that sort of creamy-floury undertaste that some might call “birthday cake”.

Sweet as shit, too. I’m not sure yet if it’s too sweet or right on the border.

Actually…I think it just lands on the right side of that fence. It’s very drinkable. I’m not getting that cloying feeling you get with overly sweet shit.

If bubblegum was a fruit…this would be its juice. They also nailed the color on this one.

Now, it’s not quite as good as Inca Kola. This is another soda that I wouldn’t drink often. But it’s definitely one I can recommend, especially if bubblegum is your thing.

I like that the bottle calls it “Old Fashioned” bubblegum soda. Something tells me this kind of novelty soda didn’t really pop up until the last 30 years or so, but maybe I’m way off.

Anyway, this was pretty nice. Not an essential soda, but one worth trying. Next time, Rocket Fizz’s Sweet Corn (oh God), and then…maybe re-drink some classic sodas for review?


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