Cannes 2014 Awards

Ceylan wins the big one.
Ceylan wins the big one.

Another Cannes is over, and the awards have gone, it seems, to a very interesting selection of films. Let’s dig in.

In Competition:

Palme d’Or – Winter Sleep

Good. Nuri Bilge Ceylan won the Grand Prix three years ago for an incredible film, and this sounds equally intriguing. I’ll be seeing this, and since it won, I might get to do so sooner rather than later. I wonder if we’ll have our first Turkish Best Picture nominee. (Probably not, but let me dream.)

Grand Prix – The Wonders

I barely knew anything about this film or its director, Alice Rohrwacher. Apparently it’s a family drama about a family of beekeepers. The reviews are generally good, but only a few are really enthusiastic. But this is the “runner-up” award, so it allows the film an amount of exposure that will let people discover it and embrace it as they see fit, without the pressure of living up to the title of “Palme d’Or winner”. I’ll see it.

Best Director – Bennett Miller, Foxcatcher

Seems like a slightly odd choice in this category, since it seemed to be more of an acting piece, but it at least shows the film is held in some esteem.

Jury Prize (Tie) – Mommy/Farewell to Language

Mommy is apparently incredible, and Farewell to Language is apparently quite fascinating as well, so I can be happy with this. I’ll definitely see Mommy (Dolan’s Laurence Anyways is high on my to-see list), and, despite my feelings about Godard, I’ll even see Farewell. But only in 3D.

Best Screenplay – Leviathan 

Well, this film is apparently brilliant, and as a fan of Russian cinema, I’m really glad to see them have another international success (given the relative drought of recent years). I also badly, badly need to see Zvyagintsev’s The Return. I’m so excited for this. (It might have actually been a better choice for the Palme, but let’s not split hairs.)

Best Actress – Julianne Moore, Maps to the Stars

Fuck yes. So glad Maps got recognized. And maybe–just maybe–Julianne Moore will finally get an Oscar. As you know, this film is one of my most anticipated of the year, so you can imagine how this ramps up my anticipation.

Best Actor – Timothy Spall, Mr. Turner

I called this motherfucker. I can’t wait for this. I really hope he has a shot at the Oscar.

Camera d’Or – Party Girl

This is a prize for films that aren’t in the official competition. It’s a character piece about a middle-aged woman, working as a bar hostess, who wants some kind of settled happiness. It’s apparently one of those good-but-not-great films. We’ll see how the American critics respond.


Un Certain Regard:

Un Certain Regard Award – White God

This Hungarian film apparently has something to do with a little girl losing her dog, and the dogs of Hungary rebelling as a whole to right this wrong, or something like that. This sounds amazing. No joke, I want to see this.

Un Certain Regard Jury Prize – Force Majeure

This is a Swedish satirical drama about a family falling apart after the father abandons them in the face of an avalanche. Sounds interesting.

Un Certain Regard Special Prize – The Salt of the Earth

The documentary co-directed by Wim Wenders about the photographer Sebsastiao Salgado. Reviews are solid. Might see it.

Un Certain Regard Ensemble Prize – The cast of Party Girl

I guess they liked it?

Un Certain Regard Best Actor Award – David Gulpilil, Charlie’s Country

Nice to see David Gulpilil get some recognition after all these years (he’s been making movies since Walkabout 40 years ago). Plus, it’s a Rolf de Heer film, and de Heer rules. So I will probably see this. (No Best Actress award? Okay.)


Other awards:

FIPRESCI Prize – Winter Sleep

Yep. Need to see it.

FIPRESCI Un Certain Regard Prize – Jauja

Okay, this sounds really fucking interesting. I’m going to read more about this one.

Prize of the Ecumenical Jury – Timbuktu

A Malian drama about the conflicts caused by jihadist elements in the titular city. Apparently very good. Probably need to check this out. This also won the Prix François Chalais, named for a reporter and film historian, for films (as Wikipedia says) “dedicated to the values of life affirmation and journalism”. All right, I need to see this.

Queer Palm – Pride

A British film about an LGBTQ group raising money to help striking miners in the 80s. Got good reviews, is apparently very moving. All right, I’m game.

Palme Dog – the cast of White God

No shit.

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