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Hank’s Premium Citrus Review

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As I mentioned in my Towne Club root beer review, I’m fascinated by brands, especially obscure brands that appear to be their own entity. And Hank’s, based out of Philadelphia, appears to be just that. Though apparently best known for their root beer, the first product of theirs to catch my eye was their premium citrus soda, complete with ginseng and guarana! Let’s get to it.

This has been chilling in the fridge for a few days. Should be plenty cold. Hopefully the PictSweet vegetable medley I’m eating won’t interfere with the flavor.

Flat. As I’d feared. (The bottle had gotten jostled shortly after I bought it.)

Yeah. Very flat. And the flavor isn’t all that special either. Maybe it settled out or something, but this is very mildly flavored. It tastes a bit like Green River (which is itself uncarbonated), but it isn’t nearly as potent.

I’m not sure I can really consider this a fair tasting. Then again, the blandness of the flavor, even accounting for the lack of carbonation, gives me doubts.

I bought several more sodas today, and they too got jostled. Hopefully they aren’t ruined.

Yeah, this stuff is pretty blah. I might give it another try, taking better care of the bottle in this instance, but I think I’d rather have their root beer next time.

Got to the bottom and it’s still pretty light on flavor. Either this went flat as shit, or it’s just not a great soda to begin with. I’ll give it a pass this time, especially since I don’t use a quantified grading system (I’d introduce one, but I’m not really sure how to grade food and drink), but I’m not recommending it. Try Green River instead.


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