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Foxon Park Iron Brew Review

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Since my first experience with Foxon Park went well, I figured I’d explore their catalog further. Since their Gassosa remains unavailable except in diet form, I opted for a flavor unknown to me: Iron Brew. I guessed it might be something like Irn-Bru, the beloved Scottish soft drink (which I wasn’t terribly impressed by, but whatever), but I was told that was not the case. So let’s what the hell this is!

I’m getting some cream soda notes, but the flavor is deeper and more intense.

Yeah, it’s like cream soda, but with a very subtle citrus undertone (and sure enough, citric acid is an ingredient). I want to say it’s kind of like Moxie (a really good soda I need to review), but that’s less creamy and more fruity-peppery.

I like it, though. I think I’d prefer if they toned down the vanilla a little, but it’s hardly a dealbreaker.

Very drinkable. Almost reminds me of the taste of…candy powder people snorted…have to look it up…Pixie Sticks. Or Pixy Stix. Whatever.

The logo reminds me of the Arm & Hammer logo. I’m not sure I’d say the flavor’s quite robust enough to justify that, but…I’m not going to pick nits.

I do like it, though. Foxon Park is 2 for 2 for me. If I can’t get their Gassosa next…Kola? White Birch? Lemon-Lime? I want to try and stick with their most unique flavors if I can.

All in all, quite satisfactory. If you like cream soda but wish it had a little more bite, or just want to try a flavor that isn’t available from every soda line out there, give it a shot.


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