Towne Club Root Beer Review


I’ve had a long fascination with brands, especially lesser-known brands. So when I found a brand of root beer hitherto unknown to me, a brand that owned itself–the bottle only cites the Towne Club Beverage Corporation of Detroit–and a brand that appeared to be long-established (the graphic design of the bottle suggests the 80s at the very least), I was naturally very intrigued. So here goes.

Pretty nice. It’s got a smooth, creamy taste to it–it tastes more like a cream soda than a root beer.

Yeah, there’s a mild root beer flavor, but it’s definitely got more vanilla than most.

“Contains no juice.” Thanks, bottle.

I’m going to look up this brand and see what I can learn.

Wikipedia says it popped up in the 60s as a cheaper alternative to the major brands, and that Faygo was one of its rivals. (I’ll have to try some Faygo one of these days.) I’m intrigued by these “pop centers”. Not totally unlike the soda shop I buy these from.

Basically, this is the unofficial official soda of Detroit. Fine with me.

As for the soda: yeah, it’s all right. I generally like my root beer to have a stronger sassafras flavor, but this is very drinkable. Not quite distinctive enough to drink often, but I’d take it over a lot of the lesser sodas I’ve had.

Definitely would like to try their Michigan Cherry flavor. Now if only I could take this back for the 10¢ deposit.

And if only I could get my hands on a can of Hires.


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