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Top 10 Watch: SNOWPIERCER Red Band Trailer

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I’ve been anticipating this film for over a year.

An apocalypse has left the Earth an uninhabitable wasteland. The only survivors live on a train ceaselessly traversing the landscape. The passengers live in a strictly regimented caste system…but as this trailer shows, that system is about to break down.

I really hope this lives up to the promise of the premise. There was a protracted battle between director Bong Joon-Ho and the Weinstein Company over which cut to release, and Joon-Ho won. Apparently the Weinsteins wished to cut the film into more of a commercial action film, while Joon-Ho’s cut has additional material which makes the film more thought-provoking and complex than a standard action film. Let us hope his tenacity is vindicated.

Possible nominations:
– Picture
– Director
– Adapted Screenplay (from the graphic novel)
– Supporting Actress (Tilda Swinton)
– Cinematography
– Editing
– Production Design
– Costume Design
– Makeup
– Original Score
– Sound Mixing
– Visual Effects
– Sound Effects


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