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Top 10 Watch: First Trailer For Richard Linklater’s BOYHOOD

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Well, one of my most anticipated films of the year has finally dropped its first trailer. Linklater, along with Ellar Coltrane, Ethan Hawke, and Patricia Arquette, made a film that seems to be the Up series crossed with The Tree of Life (though this was shooting when ToL was a twinkle in Malick’s eye). The ambition, the scope (it’s 164 minutes, and I do like epic length when it’s used well), and the reviews I’ve read thus far (which have been glowing) all have me very excited.

The trailer itself…it’s okay. I think this is a film whose quality lies in the gradual development of its characters–not something that can really fit in a trailer. And the choice of song…blech. (Also, points for showing bowling, points off for the line “life doesn’t give you bumpers”.) Still, I’m excited for this when it comes out in July.


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