If you want the gravy…

…You've got to get the biscuits!

Fizzy Lizzy Pineapple Review

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Fizzy Lizzy’s website claims that their pineapple drink inspires “breathless” fan mail. Though I’m no great fan of pineapple, I decided to see if indeed there was something to it. So, for the first return guest in the If You Want the Gravy soda series, it’s Fizzy Lizzy Pineapple, from New York, New York.

I tried to shake it more gently this time.

Smells like urine pineapple. I’m a little leery.

Whereas the last Fizzy Lizzy I drank was 62% juice and 38% seltzer, this is 64% juice and 36% seltzer. Will it make a difference?

Mild initial taste. Pineapple’s there, though.

Yeah, this is…mild. I taste the pineapple a bit, but really not that much. I’m not sure if my taste receptors are out of whack, but I’m not getting a ton out of this.

Really, this is pretty much nothing. It’s not offensive, it’s just…meh. To be fair, I’ve rarely if ever had pineapple juice, so I’m not sure how strong the flavor would be to begin with.

I’m tasting a little more now that it’s warmed up a bit. It’s possible I didn’t shake it up sufficiently.

Yeah, there’s a little more sourness there. Not enough to really make it worth drinking if you’re not a pineapple devotee, but if you are, have at it.


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