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Fentimans Ginger Beer Review

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Fentimans, based out of Newcastle-upon-Tyne in England, has a North American branch based out of Burnaby, British Columbia, and today I’m trying their ginger beer. I recently had Goya’s ginger beer (more of a Jamaican-style beer, I’d think), and I tasted a ginger beer years ago when I was in the UK, but my memories of that are hazy and unpleasant. So let’s see how this fares.

Very strong ginger scent. Now, the Goya was nearly overpowering (shall we say, it clears the sinuses) in terms of scent and taste. And the Fentimans?

Strong, and spicy, but it doesn’t leave you feeling blindsided. So that’s a plus. But damn, this burns the throat.

On the other hand, it’s very mild in the mouth. Maybe I just have a sore throat and this is burning out the last vestiges of it?

Yeah, this doesn’t have a ton of flavor. It has the ginger burn, but not as much of the ginger taste.

The burn is wearing off. Either the nerve endings in my esophagus are dying or this stuff is losing its potency.

Fentimans’ other flavors are better. Their Curiosity Cola and Cherrytree Cola are both quite pleasant. This is just okay. Really, if you can get the Goya, that’s the way to go.

Done with that. It is what it is.


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