Real Soda’s Lurch Birch Review

If I wasn’t in a lurch before, I am now.

Hailing from Palos Verdes, California, this is, I assume, birch beer–a cousin of root beer. I honestly have no idea what I’m getting myself into. Let’s take the first swig.

It’s pretty root beer-ish. The flavor’s a little lighter, though. And maybe it’s just a quirk of my tongue, but this has no aftertaste at all.

Given its comparatively high sugar content (48 grams, a little higher than Mountain Dew), this isn’t as sweet as you’d expect. It’s not bitter by any means, but it doesn’t overpower you with sweetness. I like that.

Seriously, I don’t know how to explain this. It’s like it vanishes off the tongue. Phantom soda. Maybe because it’s so cold? But it doesn’t feel compromised because of its temperature.

The lightness of the flavor reminds me a little of cream soda. As for the color, I want to say it’s a little redder than root beer, but maybe that’s not strictly the case.

I really love the bottle copy. “The bark is better than the bite.” “You’ll be in a lurch if you run out of Birch.” There’s no other descriptive copy, really, but there’s an awesome note on the cap: “The sommelier of soda.” I don’t really get bottle-cap collecting, but I’m keeping this one.

This calls itself a “Left Coast recipe”. I really wonder what that means, at least in terms of taste or process.

Also, the company that makes this is called Real Soda. I have to wonder what else they’ve got.

Go to their website. It’s delightful. Not even joking. It has more character than 99% of the business websites I’ve seen. Also, these people made Leninade, which is an interesting little drink. I might re-drink it for a review.

Anyway, I finished the Lurch Birch. Good stuff. It’s not the best I’ve had or anything, but it’s nice. I kind of wish it stuck with you a little more, but I have no complaints.

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