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Fizzy Lizzy Grapefruit Review

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Keep those added sugars out of my body.

It’s been kind of a rough day, and rather than slogging through this birch beer I’ve got sitting in the fridge, I’d drink the other craft soda I had on hand–the grapefruit flavor of Fizzy Lizzy, a brand that I’d actually seen at another store not longer and been intrigued by. The bottle says that the brand has been around since 2000, but since Fizzy Lizzy is headquartered in NYC (not New England, but close), it’s quite possible it was only regionally available until recently. Whatever the case, I’m ready to delve into something tartly refreshing.

The bottle says “shake me gently”. I shook it up a little harder than that.

Tastes like grapefruit juice. But fizzy.

Truth in advertising, motherfucker.

A little bitterer than the grapefruit juice I’ve been drinking lately. Maybe because I’ve had it sitting in the fridge for a few days. The bottle says that white grape juice concentrate was added, which you’d think would sweeten it, but–no. Not by much.

This does have 100% of my Vitamin C. And it’s only 25 grams of sugar, all from fruit juice. So this won’t fuck me over.

Not bad, though. Not bad at all. The addition of the seltzer water cuts the cloying nature of the juice–much as I like citrus juice, it does tend to collect everything in the back of your throat into some type of citric protozoa. This doesn’t do that. So it’d be a nice choice for a morning drink on a hot day.

I can see myself in New York, hot morning, on my way to work or wherever, hiply swigging my Fizzy Lizzy. (There’s a bunch of other flavors, too. I’m eager to try them.)

Twice on the bottle it proclaims “62% Juice + 38% Fizzy Water”. I wonder how they arrived at that ratio.


“2007 winner of the sofi(TM) Silver medal for ‘Outstanding Product Line’ from the National Association for the Specialty Food Trade.” Interesting. I wonder what the Gold was.

It was Cyprus Grove Chevre, Inc. (Chevre is goat cheese.) The more you know.

Seriously, though, this is pretty nice. Nice and crisp. Finished it quite quickly.

Definitely recommended. Easily the best acquisition thus far. I’m definitely going to look into FL’s raspberry-lemon and tangerine-passion fruit drinks. And according to their website: “Winner of the sofi(TM) Silver medal for “Outstanding Cold Beverage” and subject of critical acclaim, our Pineapple continues to inspire breathless fan mail.” Holy shit. I’m not even a huge pineapple fan, but I might have to try that.

After all: “The Proof is in the Pulp.”


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