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Foxon Park Cream Soda Review

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A pretty good introduction to Foxon Park, I think.

Foxon Park is a decently big name in the soda community; they’ve been around since 1922, have a full range of flavors (including something called Gassosa I’ll have to try), and trumpet their own importance with a classy little logo. I asked the soda shop proprietors what flavor I should introduce myself to Foxon Park with, and the cream soda was recommended. Since cream soda used to be my favorite (especially A&W’s), I agreed.

Looks good. Deep golden color. Almost like kvass. Let’s open it.

Nice vanilla bouquet. I have a good feeling about this. The slogan “ALL-WAYS IN GOOD TASTE!” is on the side of the bottle. Let’s hope they’re right.

Very nice. Very strong vanilla flavor. It’s still quite cold, so a more detailed flavor analysis will take a little while. But so far, so good–it’s without question the best of the three sodas I’ve tried thus far.

Foxon Park is headquartered in East Haven, CT. Why is everything from New England?

Still good. Maybe it’s a touch syrupy, but it’s been a while since I’ve had real cream soda, so my taste might be off.

This would make a top-notch ice cream soda. No doubt about it.

Aside from the vanilla, I’m not detecting a lot of flavors. I think that might be why I’m no longer as enamored of cream soda as I was when I was a kid (my favorite is now solidly Dr. Pepper). But for a cream soda, this is still not bad. Probably not quite as good as A&W or IBC, but still pretty pleasant in its own right.

I’m thinking this is a little over-carbonated. Maybe I should’ve put in a glass first. But drinking from the bottle feels right.

Finished. That was nice. I’m definitely going to check out more Foxon Park drinks. If you like cream sodas, definitely try this one.


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