The NBR Project: 2013

Only the NBR would (and did) cite this as a top 10 film. ()

Only the NBR would (and did) cite this as a Top 10 film. (Source)

Good God, how long was it since I first decided to do this project? (7 months? Shame, shame.) And I haven’t even made all that much headway. I’ve still got a ton of Top 10 films from over the years to watch, but I’ve been trying to watch more movies from my collection lately, so, hopefully, I can catch up. Anyway, I’ll start with this year, since I’ve seen every film on this list (in the theater, no less, which was a first for me). And it’s a decent year, but as I’ll show, it’s one of the rare years where the Academy actually put together a better list.

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Always a good sign when your star is billed 7th. ()

Always a good sign when your star is billed 7th. (Source)

The Identical is the sort of film that makes you wonder: can a film be considered inspirational when it has no discernible message? For a film funded by the Messianic Jewish Alliance of America, with a preacher as a major protagonist and the tagline “If He is in your dreams, nothing can stand against them”, it contains nothing that could reasonably inspire anyone, or even validate their faith. It’s a ridiculous film, one of the biggest wastes of a premise I can think of it, one of the most truly pointless films to ever attract (somehow) a cast this good.

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I didn’t even know about this until just today, and then it wins the Silver Lion (the Best Director prize) at Venice! Andrei Konchalovsky’s had an up-and-down career, from the awesomeness of Runaway Train to the wretchedness of The Nutcracker in 3D. But this looks absolutely marvelous, a look at a strange, almost magical (but not necessarily in a faeries-and-unicorns way) world–possibly there will be some nods to Russia’s vast folkloric heritage. And the cinematography and score appear to be top-notch. Very, very excited to see this.

But wait, there’s more!

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Squamscot Yup Review


The Squamscot brand has been around for over 150 years–says so right on the bottle. The slogan even boasts “‘Experience the Past…One Sip at a Time.'” Well, I tried one of their sodas previously (before I began reviewing them for this blog), but my memories are pretty dim, so why not make a fresh start with the intriguingly named “Yup”, a lemon soda which is going to, hopefully, fill the void that the absence of Foxon Park’s Gassosa (in non-diet form) has left. You’ve got big shoes to fill, Yup!

From Conner Bottling Works in Newfields, New Hampshire, it’s YUP!!!!

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FRANK Review – ***½

"Chinchilla." ()

“Chinchilla.” (Source)

Frank is the sort of film I don’t really want to write about. Not because it’s not a good film–it’s a very good film, a daring film with a hugely ballsy performance by Michael Fassbender. But because to write about it, to analyze it, is to fall into the trap that the protagonist lunges headfirst into. To be fair, the protagonist here does something far more unsavory, using a band composed of troubled individuals as his ticket to fame, but like him we run the risk of assuming that there is always a method to madness. But sometimes madness is just that.

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